Soul of Work School: The Art of the Job Search

A Conscious-Based Approach to Find Fulfilling Work in the Now Economy

6-Hour Video Course by The Soul of Work

Whether you are a few years out of college, a working mom or dad looking for flexible work, or a mid-career professional or senior executive looking to for your next big opportunity – this course will help you navigate your search for that promotion, project, or new job in the now economy.  Learn simple tips to stand-out in the job market with the resume, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing & more…

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“The Art of the Job Search” is a course targeted toward corporate professionals (early, mid, and executive) who feel stuck in their current work, who want to make a career move, who are in between jobs, or who are looking to jump back into the workforce after a career break. You want to make a move, but you aren’t sure where to start, you don’t have a lot of time, or you just want a few ideas to launch your job search in the right direction.


In this course, you can go deep on some modules, and skip others so you are focusing on what will make the most difference in your job search. This is your personalized & customized ‘choose your own adventure’ job search.   Topics include a free personality assessment, designing your job search plan, resume and LinkedIn, conquering common roadblocks, creating your strategy, networking, interviewing, and negotiating offers.


Together, we will APPLY simple, proven and practical tools and techniques using your own downloadable interactive playbook designed to help you gain clarity in your job search, develop and pitch your market offering, network and interview like a pro, and navigate offers, and finally get hired.  We based on the course on the IWL Get Hired Method™ that Kara developed and tested through years of research and personal experience.


What’s different about this course? The challenge job seekers face TODAY is that 80% of offers in the job market come from the hidden job market.  At the end of the course, you will have greater clarity and confidence about what you offer the job market, you will feel more powerful in networking and connecting in the job market, and you will feel more energized, empowered, and engaged in your work & life.

“Your advice to look at what we’ve already done, and identify when and where and by what that spark of interest and energy ignited, and to build on that recognition instead of focusing forward into that fog–well, for me it’s a whole new way of thinking.”


“I participated in Kara’s powerful e-course, “How to Discover, Invent, and Launch your Ideal Work & Life” several months ago and was thrilled with the content and online delivery. I am currently participating in the weekly “Get Hired” series and again, am impressed with the amount of helpful information that is provided in each session.” 


Giving Back & Paying It Forward

Soul of Work is a think tank and not for profit project.  As part of the mission of this community, the Soul of Work project is dedicated to donate a portion of proceeds quarterly to organizations who offer training and job placement services to individuals affected by homelessness and poverty. 

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