I participated in Kara’s powerful e-course, “How to Discover, Invent, and Launch your Ideal Work & Life” several months ago and was thrilled with the content and online delivery. I am currently participating in the weekly “Get Hired in 2015” series and again, am impressed with the amount of helpful information that is provided in each session.


Mid-Career Transition

Kara’s advice to look at what we’ve already done, and identify when and where and by what that spark of interest and energy ignited, and to build on that recognition instead of focusing forward into that fog–well, for me it’s a whole new way of thinking.


Mid-Career Transition

Webinars are an inherently one-way conversation. Presenter(s) share knowledge, and the audience listens. Mostly, it is a one-way street. Ideal Work Lab and Kara Smith’s events transcend this paradigm. Her webinars are interactive, immersive, and interesting. Even with larger groups, the event is very intimate. As an attendee, her webinars are perfect.

Joe Yeoman

Community Hero, Big Marker

Working with Kara was an absolute pleasure.  Her attitude is fun while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  Not only did I come away with an A+ resume, I gained a massive amount of confidence on how to present myself to future employers.  I can honestly say my resume now communicates the nearly decades worth of work I have accomplished throughout my career in a concise document that expresses my true talents!

Mike B

Mid-Career Transition

I started working with Kara after my career took a turn into entrepreneurship and I was ready to go back into the corporate world. I knew my career story had become a little less straightforward and Kara was really helpful in helping me craft a story that made sense to future employers. She did this by asking smart questions around why I had made the career choices that I had made and what I wanted out of my career in the future – and most importantly, she helped me figure out how those two big things were connected.

Perhaps Kara’s biggest influence, though, was her emotional support and encouragement throughout the process. Her ability to make it seem like I was right on track – especially when at times I felt a little at sea – was invaluable. She really does care for her clients and it shows.

Christine M

Kellogg MBA; Mid-Career Transition

Kara’s class came at exactly the right time for me. Returning to work after a few years off to have kids felt like a daunting task. But Kara provided an efficient and logical process for prioritizing what drivers will get me closer to my ideal work. I used a clear set of criteria that guided and empowered me in my job search.  This led me to accept a GREAT job offer that aligns with my ideal work & life

Amy M

working mom; transition back to work

Kara provided me with simple tools that gave me conviction when I picked up the phone in order to make contacts. She made me feel comfortable about my current employer by displaying the strengths I bring to the table for them. She made me feel like an entrepreneur as I am navigating my own ship. As a former football coach, I am envious of Kara’s passion to get her students in the position they want to be in.

Brian R

Mid-Career Transition

Kara’s personal approach to helping me explore myself and define my ideal work was invaluable. Through her program, I was able to clearly identify my blocks, and prioritize what is most important to me when identifying my “ideal” work. Kara also took the time to provide detailed and constructive feedback on how to position myself with my resume and LinkedIn profile. The tools and advice from this course will definitely come in handy as I explore new career options.

Elisse L

working mom

Kara showed me different ways to make my resume stand out and she also helped me to not only update my LinkedIn page but to learn how to navigate the different layers of LinkedIn enabling me to weave my way through the different pages to make valuable connections and broaden my network.  She showed me different ways to research companies and I did exercises to help me focus in on what was truly important to me when it comes to my ideal job.  I especially liked the video tutorials and small group feel that allowed me to participate or sit back and listen to others who were in my situation.  Finally the one on one attention that was given made me feel like she truly wanted to see me succeed in something that would truly fulfill me.  She spent an hour on the phone with me helping me to design a strategy that was logical and easy to follow.  I got off the phone feeling ready to take on my search armed with a game plan ready to be executed.  I recommend the Ideal Work Lab to anyone who has been looking for their true calling but are having trouble getting over that hump.  You’ll be happy that you did!

Tom L

Mid-Career Transition

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