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This school is all about you, your work, and your life. You might be looking to shift careers, re-join the workforce, find more flexible work, seek a promotion, do more challenging work, or find a better work environment where you can do your BEST work.


There are challenges we face when we feel stuck at work and when we feel work doesn’t align with our life (and soul), directly impacts our stress, health, and well-being. Whether we want to land a new project, promotion, new job, or find more flexibility, we feel stuck on what to do next.


This school offers tools, courses, and guides to give you more freedom, confidence, and clarity … helping you to take bite size actions to discover your next job, promotion, or project in the now economy.

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Courses include “Get Hired: Bring Your Interview A-Game”; “Get Hired: The Art of the Job Search”; and “Launch Your Stand-Out Resume & LinkedIn Profile”

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Free available tools include “Bring Your Interview A-Game eBook”; “Top 10 Tips – LinkedIn & Resume”; “The Art of the Job Search – Strategy Playbook PDF”


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