The Soul of Work Library

This includes only the best of the best hand selected podcast episodes, books, tunes, videos, tools and gear that can help us bring more positive energy & consciousness everyday in our work (& life).

Below are the best resources that are part of “The Art of the Job Search” Course & Methodology.

“The Art of the Job Search” combines thought leaders and best practices and insights to help professionals to find fulfilling sustainable work in the NOW economy.


The method is segmented into these areas:

BE(ing), DISCOVER(ing), BRAND(ing), FOCUS(ing), TAK(ing) ACTION, LEARN(ing)




BE(ing) is about embodiment, energy, our choice, our habits, our intention.  This is how we show up, conquer life’s roadblocks, move forward despite perceived and real failures with a focus on more mastery and less external approval.  This is about inner growth of the soul, in terms of our work and how that the path helps unlock a more fulfilling and sustainable work & life … in the NOW economy.

(Curriculum Topics: “Define Your Values”, “Conquer Roadblocks”, “Build Mindful Habits”, “Bring Your BEST You”)


  • Ted Talk: Why you will fail to have a great career   TED video = by Larry Smith – another great reminder to do what we really want in our work 
  • The Power of Vulnerability video = Brene Brown – Tedx Talk – incredible talk on what can truly be holding us back and how to take the leap and live life in the arena.  This video was life-changing for me.  
  • Steve Jobs  2005 Stanford Commencement Address   video = by Steve Jobs  – this is a classic and if you haven’t watched this … you will know why 
  • Conan O’Brien’s 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address  video = by Conan O’Brien – this helps give perspective  on how Conan faced rejection and uncertainty with a few laughs too.  Conan: “Perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention. “ 
  • How to overcome fear   video = by Marie Forleo  – this struck me as a really simple and great way to deal with fear … check it out – it may help you too  
  • Turning Fear into Fuel  TED video = by Jonathan Fields – this gets to the core of finding what is holding you back and Jonathan’s insights helped me immensely
  • Tackling the Trauma of Unemployment  article = by Justin Menkes HBR –
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield  video = Big Ideas w/ Brian Johnson – incredible book.  This is a short video from Brian Johnson on the big ideas from the book.  
  • Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation    “You can fail at what you don’t want- so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love” – Jim Carrey.  “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is” – Jim Carrey.  
  • Playing Big In Your Life  podcast = by Koren Motekaitis w/ guest Tara Mohr – Koren’s guest Tara describes how to REALLY play bigger and it involves thinking of experiences from a learning and experimental lens.  This is an excellent podcast to reframe your lens and perspective in your job search.   
  • Exploring the Expression of Your Soul’s Calling  podcast w/Srinivas Rao – by Craig McBreen host of the podcast – The Art of Breaking Out – Srini also has a great book available on Amazon called “The Art of Being Unmistakable”.




DISCOVER(ing) is about our likes, dislikes, our DNA, our talents and skills.  This is about being in flow, and finding that flow in our work.  This involves reflecting on work environment and type of work – that brings mastery, drive, and autonomy.  This is also a review of what we offer today in the job market, in the NOW economy.  What we offer now to the economy is based on short and long-term proof of evidence and results of how we can best serve a company, boss, team, and client.  This is about honoring past accomplishments and experiences as a direct bridge into ‘whats next’.

(Curriculum Topics: “Reflect Your True Self”, “Understand Work Flow”, “Design Work Lanes-Type of Work”)





BRAND(ing) is all about bringing our offer to the NOW economy, to the job market.  This is how we show up, and share our experiences to prospective ‘buyers’ – clients, hiring managers who have a short-term or long-term contract need, or a full-time job. This is about how we stand out in a crowded marketplace, by bringing our skills and talents to the market with inner confidence, clarity, conviction, and curiosity.  This is about how we present ourselves in the best way, to tailor our message to our audience in interviewing.  And, how we bring our best selves in the interview process.

(Curriculum Topics: “Showcase Your BEST You – Resume & LinkedIn”, “Describe Your Brand”, “Bring Your Interview A-Game”)





FOCUS(ing) is about having goals in our work that align with personal growth.  These goals can shift, evolve, change as we learn about what is possible, explore inner company opportunities, and reflect on external market conditions.  We go from feeling lack of clarity, powerless, and aimless toward more conviction and curiosity around what to go toward in our work and personal growth.  We focus on target markets that better align with our values, we focus on what we can start doing now, and we generate both short-term achievable and long-term stretch goals that help us ultimately take action in our current work and in our search for new work.

(Curriculum Topics: “Define Your Target Market”, “Find Your Future Work”, “Create Company List”, “Reflect on Market Feedback/Reflect & Navigate Opportunities)


  • Passion Planner  – I was first introduced to this planner from my friend in Michigan, and then I learned more about Angelia Trinidad, the founder and CEO of this San Diego start-up, and I just became very curious.  Her model includes the opportunity to download for free the PDF of the passion roadmap, and weekly sheets that per day help get us focused on what we really want to do in the day, and for us Type-A people, this also helps to adapt our plans when life happens.  All together, I have purchased a planner for my best friend, and have recommended this to so many people in a short time.  The monthly reflection is top notch.  The ultimate tool to focus on your next project, your family time, your ‘me’ time, your day to day work, your job search, your life and your work.
  •   website = –  this site helps you find fit with friends & companies … has profiles on companies and culture to help you find places that will better align with YOU 
  • Glassdoor    website = get the REAL DEAL on companies here.  
  • Work-Life Fit, Inc.  website =  some excellent insights on work + life fit
  • Best Companies to Work For List: Fortune   article = by Fortune – these companies are the real deal – no company is perfect.  Read more though to see if any of these companies interest you.  
  • Best Small & Medium Workplaces List   2013 list = by Great Place to Work – find those smaller companies that can provide unique and high-impact work opportunities. 
  • Working Mother Best Company List   2013 list = by Working Mother – working mom & dad friendly companies with details on why they made the list.  Take note of the industry to explore further.  
  • Outside Online Best Places to Work    2014 list = by Outside Online
  • DRIVE: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose  5 min video = by Daniel Pink  – from the perspective of the organization – and will help you think about how to explore for company culture/fit 
  • The Puzzle of Motivation  TedTalk video = by Daniel Pink  
  • The 2-Hour Job Search   article + book = by Steve Dalton – Steve’s advice here on using LinkedIn to help you create your target company list will save you time. 
  • How To Get The  Right Job  mp3 = (20 min) by HBR Jodi Glickman –  Jodi talks about how job boards are for “information getting versus job getting”.  Shift to a more efficient usage of job boards/postings.  
  •  online resource = by ‘Great Place to Work’ – this is a fantastic resource to filter & sort companies that make the best companies lists.  Filter by industry, location, size to get to your ideal company list.  
  • TalentRocketUK  – a UK company matching tool – my friend Chris founded talent rocket – to simplify the search for work.  He calls it “the anti-jobs board”.  I call it genius and cannot wait for US version … Now for UK people, discover the best companies to work for HERE.    
  • Want a new job?  Beware of “phantom” postings    article = by WSJ – says 50% of positions are currently filled on an informal basis.
  • “Defining Success” global research on women’s careers  PDF = Accenture – research from Accenture shows the top reasons for leaving a job include responsibilities that don’t match a job description (38 percent), pay (38 percent) and uninteresting work (34 percent). 



TAK(ing) ACTION:  

TAK(ing) ACTION is all about despite having fears, learning how to lean on intuition more in terms of finding sustainable and fulfilling work.  Taking action with our soul leads to personal growth in our work & our life.  This is about building our trust equity network, mastering our craft through building experiences, about making offers in the NOW economy with intentions based on our values.  This is about exploring, experimenting, and bringing curiosity to actions as a way of living life and honoring our work.  This is about saying “Yes, And”, to possibilities and opportunities.

(Curriculum Topics: “Engage & Build Your Trust Equity Network”, “Apply for Work – 100 Challenge”, “Build Experience”)





LEARN(ing) is all about continuous growth.  Going to our edge.  Building our skills and knowledge, and applying our knowledge in new ways through freelance projects, side projects, evening hobbies, and in new ways in our work.  Below include opportunities to learn – whether its through a podcast, a formal course, or a free online program – these are great places to get started:

(Curriculum Topics: “Build Experience”, “Get Curious & Grow”)


  • Creative Live – Featuring workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, crafting, and software training.  Free on-air workshops!  Option to pay for workshops and watch OnDemand.  Highly recommend!
  • 30 Days of Genius – This is an incredible interview series with Chase Jarvis (founder of Creative Live).  Watch these, or even better listen to them during a run or walk – thats what I did (and now available via podcast iTunes!).  My favorite videos to start with Brene Brown, Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Austin Kleon, Daymond John, Sophia Amoruso
  • Creative Mornings – Breakfast lecture series in cities literally around the world, named “TED talks for the rest of us”, inspiring videos to watch, and community to connect with every month in a city near you.  Includes a podcast as well to check out for insights, inspiration, and learning.
  • The Art of Charm Podcast – this podcast is about more career, Jordan and AJ incorporate topics that surround our life and our work.  I love so many of the guests and the insights will apply to anyone who wants to go deep on really learning how to navigate work & life.
  • – This is one of the better online course schools with topics ranging from music, business, design, digital marketing, and more.  Courses include a project which allows for instant application of lessons and learning into real life.
  • General Assembly – General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills.  They bridge the gap of skills needed in the now economy.  Offers online and in-person workshops and career accelerators.