heartThe Soul of Work is a think tank and not for profit learning lab with a focus to help professionals get hired, and feel more energized, engaged and empowered in both work and life.  The mission & intention of the Soul of Work project is to bring best practices, tools, and practical insights from thought leaders to help professionals get hired, build more sustainable economic fulfillment in both work & life, and do their best work. 

giftAs part of this mission, the Soul of Work project is dedicated to donate a portion of proceeds quarterly to organizations who offer training and job placement services to individuals affected by homelessness and poverty. 

wandOne such organization is the non-profit: The Cara Program, based in Chicago, Illinois.  The Cara Program has evolved as not only a best-in-class job training and placement provider for individuals affected by homelessness and poverty, but also a vehicle for true life transformation. http://www.thecaraprogram.org/what-we-do  

The Soul of Work FUND 

Become a Supporting Member

Donate $10, $30, or more to our mission and help transform people from homelessness and poverty to economic stability.  

With your donation of $10,

you can help us reach these funding goals for the Cara Program:


Impact ~ 40+ people

$30 can give a Cara student public transportation for 1 week

$50 can give a Cara student 1 interview ready suit


Impact ~ 60-200+ people

$300 can provide 10 employed Cara students with financial coaching

$600 can provide emergency rental assistance to a Cara student in need


Impact ~ 200-500+ people

$1,200 can provide one week of Cara’s signature “Transformations Training” to an entire cohort of 60 students

$3,000 can cover the cost of a full year of employment retention coaching for a newly employed Cara student to help succeed in their goal of finding real and lasting success