Creating Space in Work & Life

Creating Space in Work & Life

The month of December is filled with excitement and stress. Traveling to see family over the holidays can be fun and overwhelming. Finding the perfect gifts for the holiday season takes energy and time. Work might be extra busy. Kids are busy writing their wish list for Santa. Our immune systems are low from too much sugar, lack of sleep, and weather.

This holiday season, I challenge all of us to give ourselves the gift of ‘Creating Space’.

‘Creating Space’ is all about being REALLY clear about energy boundaries with people at work and in life. This is all about being grounded in your own energy rather than absorb the stress of your kid, the frantic energy of your boss, or the person honking their horn at you.

If you are like me, you might get anxious when you are waiting in an extra long line at the grocery store or coffee shop. You can create space as you are standing in line … ANY LINE. Notice your body and just be aware. ‘Creating Space’ is your gift to you … available at any time to give yourself a moment and a breath to just BE.

If you keep ‘Create Space’ in your mind as you go about your day, you are learning the awareness of your energy versus others. We tend to cross over and take on the energy and emotions all around us without even realizing what is happening. And, we tend to create stress and anxious energy ourselves through trying to maximize every minute of the day. We leave ourselves feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

Give yourself space to breathe…deeply. Be aware.

The magic of the holiday season is found in the spaces we create … in the moment of giving … in the moment of the hug … in the moment of gratitude.

“When you get into your car, shut the door and be there for just half a minute. Breathe, feel the energy inside your body, look around at the sky, the trees. The mind might tell you, ‘I don’t have time.’ But that’s the mind talking to you. Even the busiest person has time for 30 seconds of space.” Eckhart Tolle


How much space can you create?

Cheers to you,