Every forest branch moves differently in the breeze, but as they sway they connect at the roots ~Rumi

The Soul of Work Project is a think tank & not for profit learning lab with a mission to help professionals: GET HIRED, build more sustainable economic fulfillment in WORK & LIFE, and do their BEST work.  

heartThe Soul of Work is a think tank and not for profit learning lab with a focus to help professionals get hired, and feel more energized, engaged and empowered in both work and life.  The mission & intention of the Soul of Work project is to bring best practices, tools, and practical insights from thought leaders to help professionals get hired, build more sustainable economic fulfillment in both work & life, and do their best work. 

giftAs part of this mission, the Soul of Work project is dedicated to donate a portion of proceeds quarterly to organizations who offer training and job placement services to individuals affected by homelessness and poverty.  

wandOne such organization is the non-profit: The Cara Program, based in Chicago, Illinois.  The Cara Program has evolved as not only a best-in-class job training and placement provider for individuals affected by homelessness and poverty, but also a vehicle for true life transformation. http://www.thecaraprogram.org/what-we-do  

androidKara Smith is a talent development / HR leader and is the founder of the Soul of Work project: www.soulofwork.org. Kara is a working mother who believes we do our BEST work when we align work with our life.  

alertThere are challenges we face when we feel stuck at work and when we feel work doesn’t align with our life (and soul), directly impacts our stress, health, and well-being.   Yet, one of the biggest challenges we face is knowing what we can do when we feel stuck at work.  Whether we want to land a new project, promotion, new job, or find more flexibility, we feel stifled on what to do next.

keyExploring the job market, or even internal opportunities, can feel overwhelming.  The Soul of Work is all about sharing and highlighting solutions, tools, and insights from thought leaders that give professionals the freedom, confidence, and clarity to take bite size actions to discover their next job, promotion, or project in the now economy.   

starAs an HR leader, Kara has learned from experts the insider scoop on hiring and recruiting at all levels in the corporate world.  As a talent development leader, Kara works with senior executives and leadership teams to deliver innovative and practical talent solutions.

paperKara completed a Masters in Human Resources from Michigan State University, completed a B.S. in Sociology and Music Performance from University of Wisconsin @ Madison, and has corporate leadership experience in human resources, recruiting, and leadership development with Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Whirlpool, and Deloitte.

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